Message 'Master partition damaged…'

Product line: mini,maxx,maxx pro

Topic: User interface, update


Message appears on the display: 'Master partition damaged! - Switch to backup partition?'

Error correction

Possible reason for fault

Corrective action

A problem with saving occurred during the update process. It was not possible to properly extract and install the update file.
Software version is out of date.

  • ABORT: Repeats the update process once again with the possibility that it may succeed in a 2nd attempt
  • OKAY: Restores the previous, functioning system with no consideration of the update. The file on the USB flash drive is probably damaged and will need to be downloaded again.
    Preferably press 'Abort' to successfully complete the update process. After successful completion, perform a software update with the most recent software from the Convotherm homepage / Download Centre.