Message 'Sorry, something went wrong…'

Product line: mini,maxx,maxx pro

Topic: User interface, USB, update


Message appears on the display: Sorry, something went wrong. Please press RETRY!
You can also press ROLLBACK if the problem persists.'

Error correction

Possible reason for fault

Corrective action

A problem with saving occurred during the update process. It was not possible to properly extract and install the update file.

  • RETRY: Repeats the update process once again with the possibility that it may succeed in a 2nd attempt
  • ROLLBACK: Restores the previous, functioning system with no consideration of the update. The file on the USB flash drive is probably damaged and will need to be downloaded again.

Cookbook, Press&Go or recipe contains faulty steps and is corrupting the easyTouch system

Check cookbook and recipes for valid steps and entries of temperatures, time and functions and save correctly as needed.