E01.2.0.x - Low water

Product line: mini, maxx, maxx pro


Not enough water for water injection for steam generation
(water pressure is less than 0.5 bar 3 seconds after valve activation)

Error correction

Possible reason for fault

Corrective action

Soft water connection not connected to the water supply

Connect water supply hose to the soft water connection

Water supply is shut off

Screw open the soft water supply connection

Supply flow pressure too low or breaks down under demand

  • Open the tap fully
  • Avoid kinks in the water supply line
  • Increase the dimensioning of the water supply hosing

Appliance not connected to soft water and therefore the water inlet has limescale build-up

  • Install water filter upstream from soft water inlet
  • Descale the hosing

Sediments in the water too large or water hardness too high, dirt filter clogging

  • Install a water filter or fine filter upstream from the soft water connection
  • Clean the dirt filter