Warning signs on mini

Positioning of warning signs

The following illustration shows a size 6.10 mini combi oven as an example for all appliances:

Obligatory warning signs

The following warning signs must be attached to the combi oven and optional accessories in the area indicated so as to be easily visible at all times:


Warning sign



Warning of hot food, hot food containers and hot liquids

There is a risk of burns from hot food and hot food containers if food containers tip out of the shelf levels or food slips off food containers that are not held level. This risk is particularly high for shelf levels that lie above the sightline of the user.

Spillage of hot liquid foods can result in scalds if the upper shelf levels are loaded with liquids or foods that produce liquid during cooking. Do not use shelf levels that lie above your sightline for liquid foodstuffs or food that will liquefy during cooking.


Only for ConvoClean / ConvoClean+ option

Warning of corrosive cleaning agents injected into oven

There is a risk of chemical burns or irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory system from contact with sprayed cleaning agents and their vapours if the appliance door is opened during fully automatic cleaning (ConvoClean system).


Hot steam and vapour hazard warning

There is a risk of scalding from hot steam and vapour escaping when the appliance door is opened.


Tipping or toppling warning for combi oven

There is a risk of the combi oven toppling over if moved. Always take great care when moving the combi oven.


Damage or detachment warning for appliance connections

There is a risk of the appliance connections being damaged or detached if the combi oven is moved. Always ensure there is enough length in the supply cables and pipes when moving the combi oven.


High voltage / electric shock hazard warning

There is a risk of electric shock from live parts if the safety cover is opened.