Safety devices on the mini

Position and function

The following illustration shows a size 6.10 mini combi oven as an example for all appliances:


Protective device




Covers can only be removed using a tool

  • Prevents live parts from being touched accidentally
  • Prevents access to the moving fan from the wiring compartment

Check that the covers are in place


Operating panel can only be removed using a tool

Prevents live parts from being touched accidentally

Ensure that the operating panel is in place


Appliance door

Protects the user and outside environment from hot steam

Check regularly for scratches, cracks, indentations etc. and replace door if any are found


Suction panel in cooking chamber; can only be removed using a tool

Prevents access to the moving fan and ensures good heat distribution

See 'Releasing and securing the suction panel' in the user manual


(no picture)

Safety thermostat for cooking chamber

Switches off the appliance if temperature too high

An error code is output in the event of a fault

(Please contact an authorized service company to reset the safety thermostat)


(installed by customer)


Used to disconnect the appliance from the power supply during cleaning, repair and servicing work and in a hazardous situation

There is no need for the user to perform a test.

Safety measures

The following measures increase the safety additionally:




Magnetic switch for appliance door (electric door sensor)

  • When the appliance door is opened, the switch stops:
    • rotation of the fan wheel (comes to a stop after a few seconds)
    • operation of the heating element
    • Distribution of the cleaning agents by the fully automatic oven cleaning system
  • Prompt to close the appliance door

Check magnetic door switch at low temperature


  • Open the appliance door fully
  • Press Start


Motor must not start up.

Appliance door handle with venting position (optional)

  • Prevents scalding of user's face and hands from escaping steam

When appliance is at low temperature, check door positions as described in 'Opening and closing the appliance door safely' in the user manual

Door holder (marine model only)

Fixes the appliance door so that it cannot close accidentally

Check that the door holder keeps the appliance door open.

Restart after power failure in case cleaning agent was left in the appliance

  • Restarts fully automatic oven cleaning in a defined state after power failure